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Sacha's Treatments

Leg Injury

Pain & Injury

This can be a very deep massage combined with other scientifically proven techniques such as MET (muscle energy technique) and STR (soft tissue release) to find the core of your painful muscular or fascial issue and effectively treat it


45 minutes - £35.00

Back Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a great treatment that can be customised to your needs.



If you still want a remedial treatment but a pain and injury session is intimidating to you, then Swedish is a great option!

45 minutes - £35.00

Reflexology Therapy


Performed completely on the feet, Reflexology is an amazing treatment that helps to unblock energy throughout the whole body.


While massage focuses on soft tissue, reflexology can benefit the organs and bring balance to your whole system

45 minutes - £35.00

Rowan's Treatments

leaflet edited.png

Holistic Massage is a gentle treatment that can help to soften tight and sore muscles, calm the nervous system and help you to mentally let go and relax

It's perfect if you need a pick-me-up or want a treatment but don't feel like a deeper massage is for you

Rowan will work with you to find the pressure and speed that is comfortable so you can fully melt away

45 minutes - £35.00

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Body massage is the perfect option if you want to work on tight, stuck muscles or reducing pain. It's a great starting point if you aren't sure what type of treatment you will enjoy as it isn't an incredibly deep massage but it isn't a soft gentle massage either

This massage offers great results at easing muscular discomfort but in a softer, gentler way

45 minutes - £35.00

Holistic Massage

Body Massage

Hollie S.


Doesn't matter if my back pain or shoulder is playing up Sacha always sorts it out!

Robert P.

Another amazing massage with Rowan. Always come out feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

Nomi F.

I had a lovely reflexology today, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute

Kate W.

Had the joy of a massage today from the lovely Rowan it was absolutely amazing.

Sacha is very intuitive and always knows just what you need each session

Hannah B.

Have been seeing Rowan for about 8 months now. I always come out feeling so much better and relaxed.

Janet A.

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  • If you do not show for your appointment we reserve the right to invoice you 50% of the appointment cost to be paid before you may book another appointment

  • We understand there may be exceptional circumstances, especially due to Covid-19 so please contact us to discuss as soon as you can

  • We maintain the right to refuse or cancel any and all bookings 

  • If you give us short notice cancellation or do not show up for 2 appointments, you will be banned from making any further appointments