Hi - I'm Sacha.

I've been working as a therapist in Leominster, Herefordshire for over 11 years. I decided to specialise in pain and injury treatment after finding out how beneficial holistic therapies were for managing my own chronic pain conditions, I wouldn't be massaging today if not for the regular treatments I received while training in reflexology.

Being able to help reduce peoples pain and help them manage in day-to-day life is what I really enjoy about my work. I get a lot of satisfaction out of being able to get to the root of someone's problem and offer effective treatment.

Hello, I'm Rowan!

I have been lucky enough to train under Sacha, while finding my own style of treatments during the process.


My favourite thing is giving massages to people who need a "pick-me-up", when life just gets a bit too much and you need a little bit of nurturing. Being able to encourage people to give their bodies and minds chance to fully switch off and truly relax.

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About Sacha's Holistics

Building Sacha's Holistics has been a labour of love.

Started by Sacha (if you hadn't already guessed!) in the spare room of her families house, the aim was to offer holistic treatments and make them accessible to everyone. We've grown a bit since then with her daughter, Rowan, also training and joining the team, moving between a few shops and working alongside other therapists!

The heart of our business is still making holistic care accessible to everyone and giving people the tools to improve their own well-being.

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